vietnamese restaurant & bar

contemporary Vietnamese inspired by family recipes. Keeping traditional flavours alive by blending them with modern & progressive tastes. Through the joint effort of the owner & chefs, quán 55 will deliver exciting flavours every time.

Experience quán 55

experience fresh vietnamese food prepared with love & a care for balanced flavours. the venue is fully licensed (so there is no BYO). quán 55 has a selection of wines, beers & cocktails for all tastes. 

great food & drinks

quán 55 serves the same food host & owner, wynn, serves in her family home. in fact the stock pot used to cook noodle soup (phở) in our vietnamese restaurant is the same stock pot that wynn’s mother-in-law used over 20 years ago in her restaurant. the flavour has passed on.

quan 55 vietnamese restaurant front


Quán is Vietnamese for 'bar'. that's what quán 55 is, a relaxed bar where you meet with friends &family to enjoy great food and maybe a cocktail.


one of quán 55’s specialties is sugar cane juice where the cane is locally sourced from jacobs well & freshly pressed every day. lime juice & kumquat is added & shaken with ice, absolutely refreshing. you can also enjoy this with rum or bacardi. 

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