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For a small suburb nestled in between Southport and Labrador it is very easy to overlook Chirn Park as a destination for dinner. However this little block is well worth the visit for its array of multicultural cuisines. Aside from our very own Vietnamese cuisine you also have a choice of Thai, Indian, Italian or Japanese. The Chirn Park restaurants are just one of many reasons the neighbourhood is so sought after. The location to the Broadwater, it hasn’t been over developed and there are some beautiful original dwellings. The restaurants are an added bonus.

There are also a number of cafes offering modern Australian options as well as a couple of bars offering delicious choices of tapas, and no suburb would be complete without a pizza or fish and chip shop. Chirn Park has one of each! There is also a deli and a bakery (a very good bakery!).

Join us on a tour of the Chirn Park restaurants

If you are heading west up Stevens Street your first stop on the left is Thai Magik. An institution in Chirn Park, directly across the road you will find the quirky Ground and Sound. Here you will find live music, open mic afternoons and a good variety of tapas. Further down the street is Tonic on Chirn, the other home of tapas in Chirn Park. Around the corner from Tonic, in Turpin Road is Lambar Pizza. Lambar also does pasta, including our favourite, puttanesca.

For Japanese and Indian cuisine head back across Musgrave Avenue to the corner of Musgrave and Brooke aves. Pumpkin Indian is South Indian cuisine, you will find all your favourite Indian dishes there and a few extras that will quickly become a favourite. Two shops down is Muso Ramen.  Muso Ramen does ramen noodles and gyoza (and cocktails!), the meals are consistently delicious. Cross the street and you will find B2F5 bakery. Looking for a proper croissant? This is the place. To the right of B2F5 is us and to the left is Meraki Soul Food.

Looking for excellent coffee in Chirn Park? You cannot go past either Dark Espresso (on Musgrave Ave) or Cruise Espresso (on Turpin St). Both also do excellent breakfasts. Other coffee places have come and gone, these two have been the stalwarts for the breakfast crowds.

Come and explore the cafes and restaurants of Chirn Park.

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